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Two new clubs have signed up to join the expanding NPL Football Academy (NPLFA) programme.

Rushall Olympic and Brighouse Town are the latest clubs to join the NPLFA and both are now looking forward to seeing if they can create and kick start an education and football programme at their respective football clubs.

The work begins in September 2018 as the marketing and trials begin 12 months in advance, an NPLFA spokesman said, “We are delighted to welcome the clubs on board. We have consolidated and built up the brand of the NPLFA over the past 18 months and the progression has been an increase in cohorts (teams) at our existing clubs.” He further added “We will now be looking to engage with 2-3 clubs per year as we work a year in advance and are delighted Rushall Olympic and Brighouse Town are on board. We will be looking to engage with two more clubs in time for September 2019, and we should be able to announce one of those clubs soon, any clubs wishing to engage should contact us direct.”

The clubs are also happy to be part of a managed programme, John Allen chairman of Rushall Olympic said, “We have tried to set up this programme before on a number of occasions with various companies and for clubs at this level it is very difficult with time, staff resources, cost and expertise. I feel confident this time by joining the NPLFA and their management structure that at least we will have the correct support to be able to try and set up a new programme which we desire. Whilst still in its infancy the NPLFA is growing, one of the attractions is it is part of the senior league structure and secure financially, the other is they incur all the costs to see if they can kick start a programme for us. As the league grows it seems inevitable more financial opportunities will occur for clubs as part of a wider national programme. We look forward to working with the NPLFA to try and establish in 2019 an educational programme at Rushall”

Vill Powell manager of Brighouse Town stated, “The main reason we joined the NPLFA was progression,

“We see the value in having a structured well run academy system within the club and how it will hopefully contribute to player development and be a key factor in the clubs progression, as it will create closer links with the community and local schools which is fundamental to the clubs long term aspirations. When we looked at setting this up we looked at various options and we choose this programme because it’s established and the infrastructure is already in place and with the management and process handle by NPLFA it makes things smoother and easier for us to implement.

“The obvious benefits to the club include having players train and play full time while also getting an education, stronger links with the local community and schools, ability to develop players internally for the first team and not forgetting the financial boost the club will receive through the programme”

The programme has both financial and club benefits. Along with the standard management costs for running each group, clubs are now generating excellent income hosting degree students, first team club sponsorship and finally clubs can take advantage in reduced kit and equipment deals for the clubs first team. As the brand grows more students are also being given opportunities with many going on to higher education such as university, US scholarships and our own degree course from the education side of the programme, whilst thirty-six students have now made their first team debuts in the Evo-Stik League which is providing clubs with an excellent conveyor belt of club trained players.

To learn more about NPLFA programme and the exciting benefits it could bring to your club contact and our staff will be delighted to provide a presentation for you and your directors at your football club.

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