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For the third year running, the ESPFA live streamed their annual award show live on YouTube on Sunday 3rd July. In a celebration of the hard work and dedication that the ESPFA students put in over the past academic year, numerous awards were handed out to recognise the student's achievements.

Tutors and coaches from all the clubs within ESPFA’s two regional divisions (North, and South) nominated their student of the year along with their player of the year, recognising the student’s achievements both on the pitch and in the classroom.

The awards were split between Divisional Awards and National Awards. The Divisional Awards consisted of the Regional Division’s Team and Player of the Year along with the Golden Boot Winner. The National awards included the ESPFA National Team and Player of the Year as well as the National Golden Boot Winner of the Year and Goal of the Season.

After the previous success of the ESPFA Awards show over the past two years, the ESPFA wanted to continue the trend and improve on the prior shows. ESPFA Head of Media, Jack Cavill was delighted to be able to acknowledge the achievements of the students once again in an unrivalled media experience. He said: “Firstly, thank you to the tutors, coaches and ESPFA management staff for their positive response in helping with not only the awards show but also with their continued support throughout the season to ensure the students media experience ran smoothly. I would also like to congratulate all students on their continued hard work throughout the season, you should be very proud.”

Overall, the 2021/22 ESPFA Awards show was another success and was an excellent way to celebrate all the students hard work and effort shown on and off the pitch. Congratulations to all students at the ESPFA on another brilliant year.

You can catch up with the 2021/22 ESPFA Awards Show here:

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