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The NPL Football Academy is excited to announce a partnership with professional filming and analysis company FilmMyMatch, which will see all 122 Academy games filmed and analysed throughout the 2016/17 season.

Established in 2012, FilmMyMatch uses the latest technology (including extendable tripod technology and High Definition cameras) to capture the excitement and passion of live sporting events and showcase the talent that exists from grassroots to elite level. FilmMyMatch’s trained camera operatives will capture full match footage of all NPLFA games which will be available to view online and via mobile/tablet devices within 24 hours of each game, enabling players, coaches, family and friends to easily watch and share games, they couldn’t do before.

Furthermore, FilmMyMatch’s in-house team of Performance Analysts will analyse each game, providing coaches and players with the opportunity to improve performance throughout the season.

FilmMyMatch Director Dave Roe said: “We are delighted to be working with the NPLFA. The organisation embodies our own philosophy of enhancing performance at all levels of sport through the application of elite practice. The NPLFA’s commitment to enhancing the experience and progression of its students through filming and analysis speaks volumes for their professional and innovative approach to the Academy programme.”

He added, “For the NPLFA to invest in such a partnership shows they have the best interests of the students very much at the forefront. We believe we can bring so much to the partnership which will elevate the programme and we are delighted to be involved in the only FA sanctioned football and education academy league”

The partnership sees a whole host of benefits, opportunities and new experiences for the students wishing to experience one aspect of media work. The NPLFA will be able to host their own version of ‘Match of the Day’ highlights show – including Goal of the week – Saves of the week – Skill of the week and many more exciting and new ideas both companies are planning to introduce. It can also help to create individual player CV compilations and it will also allow students to gain experience filming games and interviewing techniques. Coaches at the clubs will also be able to choose specific analyses points they want to show the team which helps in the coaching and game process.

An NPLFA spokesman said, “As with every partnership we undertake it will include a pilot programme, however it’s a fantastic opportunity and one we are delighted to be involved in. It’s a partnership that can open up so many exciting opportunities for the students and makes them feel part of a real football league programme. We are looking forward to seeing the partnership grow and develop with FilmMyMatch”

There will be further details available about this exciting and new partnership over the next 10-14 days keep viewing the NPLFA website and all social media outlets.

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