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As a result of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus / Covid-19 across the UK, we are currently monitoring the situation very closely on a daily basis.

We are liaising with our education partners as well as following government and public health guidelines on the outbreak, in order to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff across the programme.

Last week, the decision that was made by the government is that all educational institutes (i.e. schools, colleges, universities) would continue to operate for the time being. We at the ESPFA (NPL Football Academy) fall into this category and therefore will be continuing to operate our daily programme of lessons and training sessions as normal unless a further decision is made by the government.

However following discussions with the Northern Premier League and our education partners, the NPL Football Academy (NPLFA) has taken the decision to suspend the league (fixtures) for the foreseeable future until notified otherwise. We will continue to review the situation on daily basis and if there are any changes to the situation, we will communicate these updates effectively and quickly to you all.

EDIT: For clarification, it is just the league fixtures that have been suspended for the foreseeable future. The college programme of lessons and football training CONTINUES at each club, under the normal timetable until instructed otherwise.

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