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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This academic year has been a whirl wind for a lot of the ESPFA students, switching between remote learning and classroom-based teaching for the majority whilst also having the football side of the programme postponed for some time. We are so pleased to have seen a positive reaction from the students since being able to go back into the classroom and also resume the football season at the start of April.


Congratulations to Belper Town second-year student Dan Brown who was nominated for this award by Ajay Rai, the Belper Town tutor. Rai has been impressed with his contribution in lessons and the standard of his completed work. He said” In my short time at Belper, Dan has been an excellent student both in the classroom and during training. He regularly contributes within lessons and always gives his best in training. His coursework is completed to a high standard and is yet to miss any sessions.”


Carlton Town second-year students Owen Smith and Sonny Shaw have been named as their clubs’ students of the half-term by their tutor, Megan Turner. She has been very impressed with the standard of work produced by Sonny Shaw and his effort during lessons. Turner said: “Sonny Shaw who has put effort into every session since I joined Carlton, he always produces work of the highest standard and is a very sensible, kind and friendly class member. He has been a pleasure to teach throughout, and his attendance and punctuality is exemplary”. She has also been pleased with the way Owen Smith has dealt with having to isolate for a period of time this term. She said: “during the last term Owen had to isolate for a couple of weeks with no access to his work however once we returned from isolation, he has put in extra efforts to catch up with any work that was missed, he settles down in lesson and tried his hardest to ignore any distractions. His attendance and punctuality are also brilliant, and he has been an excellent student this year during covid.”


Well done to Jacob Edge-Lucas of Mickleover who was nominated for this award by Phillip Kilpatrick, the Mickleover tutor. He said: “Jacob has shown a desire to learn and apply the knowledge and has contributed positively in all of his lessons. I feel he can see the relevance of the current units and is pushing to increase the standard of his work.”


Congratulations to Rushall Olympic student Brad Fox who has been named as his clubs’ student of the half-term. Mark Muddyman the Rushall Olympic tutor said: “Despite suffering a long-term injury and navigating through a 6-month remote learning period, Bradley has continued to demonstrate outstanding standards throughout with regards to education. Bradley has consistently logged into lessons early, completed all tasks on time and maintained an exceptional standard of work throughout. On course to achieve Distinctions in all Units, Bradley is an excellent student destined for a successful 2nd year at the ESPFA.”


Joe Pettit has been awarded the student of the half-term for Stafford Rangers by his tutor, Luca Giagu. He was full of praise for Joe’s dedication to the course and his excellent grades. Giagu said: “Joe has demonstrated excellent commitment and dedication to the course from day one with an up to date 100% attendance and achieving Distinction in all of his units completed. Joe always gives his maximum effort and I feel that is a characteristic that deserves to be rewarded. Joe has shown excellent achievement throughout the course in this academic year despite the pandemic disruption, with an offer already accepted from Liverpool university, Joe has a bright future ahead.”

Well done to all the students nominated for their award. It is great to see just how well the students have coped with the challenges that have presented themselves this academic year so well done from everyone at the ESPFA.

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