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Now that the ESPFA students are settling into remote learning for this new term, let’s celebrate some of the student’s success from the previous term. In a year of overcoming challenges and where the students have had to be flexible in the way they study, we are so pleased with the way that all the ESPFA students have knuckled down and shown an aptitude for learning despite all the distractions in the current climate.

One thing that students have had to cope with this year is the changeover to online learning when classroom-based teaching wasn’t possible. Max Connor, the area manager for the Midlands has praised the student’s positive way in which the students have dealt with this change. He said: “In these strange times we find ourselves in, our remote learning has been a great success and for students to keep going and show the majority is a credit to both themselves and also our tutors & coaches. Within each of the clubs, the morale is high and with everyone doing well on the educational aspect of the programme, they cannot also wait for the football season to resume.

He continued: “I can understand that remote lessons are all new and for some students, may take a while to get used to, but for the selected few who have been picked by their tutors, it demonstrates how well they have adapted and knuckled down with their BTEC work, which I hope their hard work shows in their grades. Well done to all the students nominated by their tutors for student of the Half-term and I look forward to seeing you back in training when we can.”


Brody Horsley of Belper Town has been nominated as their student of the half-term by his tutor, Tom Anderson. Tom has been impressed with Brody’s willingness to get involved in class discussions and always taking care in the work he produces. He said: “I have chosen Brody for his continued excellent work rate in the classroom and during training. He continues to contribute within sessions and produces top level work in his assignments. I hope he continues this level of work in the following term.”


Well done to Carlton Town second year student and academy team captain Daniel Flint who was nominated by his tutor, Megan Turner, as the student of the half-term. Daniel was selected for this award for being a true leader within the group while remaining focused on his studies. Megan Turner said: “I'd like to Nominate Daniel Flint for student of this half term please from Carlton Town for his hard work, constant politeness and good manners has really brought his team together as Captain and always tries his best to bring positivity into the group.”


Congratulations to Mickleover first-year student, Josh Woolley who has been named as the club’s student of the half-term by his tutors. Both Pierce Kiembe and Ben Cocker were in agreement that Josh deserved the award. Well done Josh, keep up the good work.


Rushall Olympic student Lucas Buckley has been named as their student of the half-term for producing some excellent work over the past the half-term. His tutor, Mark Muddyman said: “Lucas has been outstanding all year - both in the classroom and in football activities. He is a well-mannered and polite young man, who not only has talent on the pitch but is an impressive student with potential to excel at Higher Education level. Throughout the last half-term Lucas demonstrated advanced knowledge across all three Units of Work and provided a 6-page in-depth answer for Anatomy & Physiology (D2) to achieve a Distinction. A standout piece of work - well done Lucas!”


Well done to Stafford Rangers first-year student Nathan Stamps who was named as the student of the half-term by his tutor, Luca Giagu. Nathan has shown excellent attendance in the past term and has achieved some brilliant grades also. Luca Giagu said: “Nathan has demonstrated excellent commitment and dedication to the course from day one with an up to date 100% attendance and achieving Merit and Distinction in his first two units completed. Nathan arrives early for training and always gives his maximum effort and I feel that is a characteristic that deserves to be rewarded. Nathan excellent start to the course in this first term of the year and maintain the same going forward.”

Well done to all the students nominated for their award. It is great to see just how well the students have coped with the challenges that have presented themselves this academic year so well done from everyone at the ESPFA.

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