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Congratulations to all students who have been nominated as the club they represent 'Player of the Half Term'.

Here, the coaches explain why they have chosen their respective students for their quality and attitude on the training pitch and their performances in the league games.


PAUL-BRIAN IKOE has recently come back from an injury and has shown great attitude in both training and games, Paul has had to adapt and play different positions this year, Paul always gives 100% in everything he does.”

- Harry Birro


CODY JONES’ attitude to developing as a player is exceptional. He gets challenged regularly to which he rises to and always proactively asks for constantly constructive feedback. He is extremely dedicated to not only improve his own game but that of the squad as he is a predominant voice in the classroom and always attends sessions early. A pleasure to coach.”

- Aiden Brookes


KEEL DEL-GRANDE is a positive influence in the team and has become a great leader. He gives 100% no matter which position he is asked to play in and he consistently produces quality. He is a pleasure to coach!”

- Isaac Assenso

ESPFA CHESHIRE (Runcorn Linnets)

“ESPFA Cheshire (Runcorn Linnets) player of the half term goes to RHYS JAMES. Rhys' effort and development continues to soar throughout his first season with us. He takes on coaching interventions extremely well and has won over the entire squad with his effort and persistence to improve. His attitude on the training pitch exemplifies what I look for in a young player and along with everyone at Runcorn Linnets was thrilled when he scored his first ever goal last week which you could probably gather by the celebrations from his teammates as it went in. For him to go on and score three more that game shows just how far he's come.”

- Steve Chaney

ESPFA LANCASHIRE (Skelmersdale United)

“I’m going to go with DOMINIC EVANS for player of the half term. He has had a fantastic attitude and effort within training and is starting to show a big improvement and maturity in games.”

- Graham Hastings

ESPFA CHESHIRE (Witton Albion)

“I nominate HARRY WOODHAM for player of the half term. In the three games we have played since Christmas he has been among the top three performers and consistently plays well in training. This culminated in a MOTM and game winning performance against ESPFA Lancashire (Skelmersdale United) just before half term. Well done Harry keep it up."

- Peter Currah-Hall

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