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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Well done to the following northern students who have been nominated by their tutor for the ‘Student of the half term’. The hard work of our students during the first term of the academic year has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.

ESPFA CHESHIRE (Runcorn Linnets)

MOHAMED SOUMAH has shown huge improvement from last year. This first term he has shown a real desire to work in class with intensity and effort. Mohamed has completed his assignment and can be proud of the work he has done.

- Shadab Iftikhar.

ESPFA CHESHIRE (Witton Albion)

JOSH BUTLER has been a good role model, not only for his group, but for the new first years too! His attendance and punctuality is excellent, he is always early to education and training, which is a great to see in a young person. His work is always completed to a good standard and is always submitted on time, in fact it’s normally completed and submitted before the deadline. He shows a great work ethic. Well done Josh.”

- Mark Bushell.


DILLON DELANEY has been an excellent student so far on the programme. Dylan arrives at the academy each day with an organised and hard working approach to his studies and this has been reflected in his progress during the first term.”

- Mark Baker.

ESPFA LANCASHIRE (Skelmersdale United)

CALVIN HADDOCK has shown a fantastic level this term. He has shown huge improvement from last year. He has shown good energy to complete his work to a high standard.”

Shadab Iftikhar.


JAMIE MARSDEN has had a positive attitude throughout the first term and has handed all assignments in a good standard before the required date. Jamie has a positive attitude towards learning and is excelling as a person in the classroom and on the field setting a good example to everyone else. Jamie is a pleasure to Tutor and will keep developing becoming a vital second year student and good role model next year.”

Charlie Harvey.


KEEL DEL-GRANDE has had a good start to the second year and is leading by example allowing him to be a good role model for the first-year students. Keel is a vital part of the team on and off the field and is always willing to do more to better himself as well as others. Keel is a pleasure to tutor and shows hard work and dedication in every lesson.

Charlie Harvey.

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