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This academic year has been a whirl wind for a lot of the ESPFA students, switching between remote learning and classroom-based teaching for the majority whilst also having the football side of the programme postponed for some time. We are so pleased to have seen a positive reaction from the students since being able to go back into the classroom and also resume the football season at the start of April.


Brighouse Town first-year student James Campbell has been named as his side’s student of the half-term by his tutor Isaac Baldwin. Isaac has been impressed with his attitude towards learning and the improvements in his work over the term. He said: “James’s attitude has been brilliant towards lessons and he always meets deadlines. Also, his writing skills have improved dramatically over the half-term.”


Congratulations to Kian Hepburn who has been named as Mossley’s student of the half-term. His tutor, Chris Hare has complemented his commitment to learning and overcome adversity. He said: “My student of the half term is Kian Hepburn due to his commitment both in attendance and his engagement in lessons. He works extremely hard and wants to always do the work. He has been going through a difficult time personally and despite that has maintained he attendance and completed the work.”


Joel Malinder has been awarded the student of the half-term for Ossett United by his tutor, James Piercy, who is full of praise of Joel’s determination to catch up on his work and achieve as high as a grade as possible. He said: “The reason I have chosen Joel for this award is because at the start of this half term in January, Joel was the student who was furthest behind in his studies and did not show a positive attitude towards catching up. Since then, Joel has now caught up on all of his work and has also achieved a merit grade within his most recent unit too and this hard work Joel has put in has been recognised by not only me but Ben and Sam as well in which both have also praised Joel. Well done Joel and keep up the good work!”


Congratulations to Radcliffe student Jonathan Mayingi who has been named as his clubs’ student of the half-term. Nigel Gleghorn, the Radcliffe tutor said: “During extremely challenging times with the lockdown, he has remained focused and committed to the course and his learning. He has completed work as required. He has worked hard during training and will go the extra mile to be at his best. Add to this he is very respectful with his peers and members of staff and he is a worthy recipient of this award.”


Well done to Jamie Hague of Runcorn Linnets who was nominated for this award by Andrew Tower, the Runcorn Linnets Tutor. He said: “Jamie has really applied himself during this period and never missed a class. He has developed well throughout his first year both on and off the pitch and he hugely deserves this Student of the Term award.”


Skelmersdale United second-year student Adam Morris has been named as his clubs’ student of the half-term for commitment in class and the improvements he has made. His tutor, Shadab Iftikhar said: “Adam has done excellent over the last couple of weeks, he has shown great maturity and is now benefitting from the last couple of months of dedication and hard work. Adam has improved his quality. He has been a joy to teach online and in the class. Adam is always pleasant and has deserved this award.”


Congratulations to Witton Albion first-year student Dan Williams who was nominated for this award by Laura Moss, the Witton Albion tutor. Moss has been impressed with his punctuality, attendance and always wanting to achieve the best grade he can. She said: “My student of the term is Daniel Williams; he always works extremely hard during lessons and continuously strives for the higher grades. His attendance and punctuality are both excellent and his effort in training is always 100%. He has an excellent attitude to both the course and training.”

Well done to all the students nominated for their award. It is great to see just how well the students have coped with the challenges that have presented themselves this academic year so well done from everyone at the ESPFA.

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