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The ninth year of the ESPFA is complete and we would like to acknowledge some of the fantastic opportunities that our graduates are progressing onto. 81 second-year students completed their time on the course this summer and came away with their level three qualifications. 36 of those will be continuing their studies and progressing onto a higher education institution. We caught up with Phelix Fountain from ESPFA Nottinghamshire who has moved to the United States of America to embark on a soccer scholarship at Feather River College in Quincy, California.

Phelix has already made the move across the Atlantic with his season starting on Friday (25th August) “I’ve been enjoying the first couple weeks and settled in well so far! I chose the scholarship progression route as it is allowing me to develop in a new environment with new people meaning I can learn both in football and academically from these new people and opportunities.”

The facilities on offer at college campuses in America is a big selling point for UK students to explore and that is one aspect of the programme that Phelix is looking forward to experiencing. “I’m most looking to the more professional experiences presented to me and especially focused on footballing side of it and having better equipment available such as on campus gyms and physios allowing for professional training and recovery sessions. But I’m also looking forward to exploring the local areas to the states of California and Nevada.”

Completing his two years on the ESPFA programme, it is a time in his life that Phelix has enjoyed “I joined the ESPFA to continue developing my academic skills whilst still pursuing the dream of playing regular football at a good level and working with people with similar interests who are also trying to grow in sports and as people.

“I really enjoyed my time in the ESPFA by being able to play and train every day and also the main stand out would definitely be the awards and opportunities that have come from the course such as being able to progress onto the first team at Carlton Town and getting selected for the inter-league squad and being able to play against professional sides.

“This was probably one of my favourite experiences throughout my time on the course and with it only being a short period of time before I left to pursue this current course and being in a more challenging and competitive environment along with being a goalkeeper for them and playing friendlies against higher level competition.”

From everyone at the ESPFA, we are extremely proud of Phelix and his success whilst being on the programme and we wish him the very best of luck across the pond starting this Thursday in the Golden Eagles first game against Foothill College.

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