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The NPL Football Academy (NPLFA) is delighted to announce that Matlock Town student Keifer Macdonald is progressing to university to study Football Business and Media.

Keifer joined the programme in 2016 will now begin then next chapter of his life at the UCFB Etihad Campus in Manchester. “I have been accepted on to the UCFB at the Etihad Campus in Manchester studying Football Business and Media for three years. I hope that once I have finished the course, I will be able to begin a career in the sports media industry (writing and reporting) specialising in football. Hopefully, one day I will have a job working for or in connection to Liverpool Football Club, that’s the dream. Hopefully, during my time at UCFB, i can learn everything that will put me in good stead and get me some experience under my belt before entering the industry.”

Having spent the last two years of his life with the NPLFA, there are many stand out moments to take away and winning silverware is top of Keifer’s highlights “My time at the NPLFA was such an enjoyable experience, it was fun having such a close group of lads and training with them and doing something that i love every day and combining that with an educational qualification was amazing. 

“Being part of a football club like Matlock Town was great, the small community nature of the club meant that everything that went on was so enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed my two years there, it is something i won’t forget. 

“There were so many great moments at the Academy over the past two years, I think my overall highlight would be winning the NPLFA Cup at the Bet365 stadium in May. The last game we played as a team was at a Premier League stadium and to win the cup and have something to show for the last two years of hard work was special.”

Having had such a great time on the programme, Keifer is all too keen to recommend it to others. “I would recommend the NPLFA to any current school leavers looking to join the programme, combing football with education was the best decision I made with so many opportunities presented to you on and off the pitch. I had no idea what I wanted to do after the NPLFA when I joined, but after trying various roles within a football club I finally found something that suited me, and hopefully, I will one day make a career out of it.

“I would just like to say a big thank you to everybody at the NPLFA and Matlock Town for the past two years and for all the opportunities that were given to me throughout my time there. it was a very enjoyable couple of years.”

Everyone at the NPLFA would like to wish Keifer the very best of luck in Manchester, we look forward to catching up with him on his first year of university in 2019.

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