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#ProgressionWeek – Jack Repton

The NPL Football Academy (NPLFA) is delighted to announce that Belper Town student Jack Repton is progressing onto the NPLFA’s ‘Undergraduate Sports Degree’ in partnership with Loughborough College.

Starting this September, the NPLFA are offering two types of blended learning courses that will last three years – a BSc in Sports Coaching to gain valuable work experience at a semi-professional club while obtaining coaching qualifications and a BSc in Sports Management covering the football industry and a host of cross-transferable skills.

The young Nailers’ goalkeeper becomes one of the first students to graduate from the BTEC to Degree course and is looking forward to embarking on another three years with the NPLFA.

“What attracted me to the degree course was the opportunity to continue being associated with an established club, training and developing under coaches with high level qualifications that can help you as a team and as an individual, as well as gaining valuable hands on experience. I am looking to progress further into coaching and to eventually take up a full time role at a professional club”

After the close season break, Jack is raring to restart in three weeks time. “I’m Looking forward to getting back at it as It’s been a long summer with not an awful lot to do because of minimal training sessions and no coursework to be getting on with.”

Having worked hard over the last two years on his BTEC, Jack is looking forward to extending his stay by a further three years. “Over the past two years, I have enjoyed the experience of taking part in the programme and the coursework must be taken seriously as it’s a challenging difficulty. I was lucky enough to have completed a level two course before I joined so i’d already gained an idea of what was to come. For anyone contemplating joining the NPLFA programme, i’d tell them to go for it, it’s a very unique concept and you’ll love every minute of it.

“Being treated like professional scholars in a good environment with your team mates on a full time basis, will help you develop good relationships with a good bunch of lads, playing at a good standard of football in as I say, a professional environment. It’s important however to balance the coursework and the football, you only take out what you put in”

We would like to wish Jack the very best of luck in his new chapter and throughout the 2017/18 season, we will be bringing you regular updates on Jack and the rest of the degree students on how they are progressing in their first year.

For more information on the ‘Undergraduate Sports Degree’, please contact

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