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Well done to the following students who have been nominated by their tutor for their clubs ‘Student of the half-term’. The hard work of our students during the first term of the academic year has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.

#ESPFANottinghamshire (with CARLTON TOWN) – Sancho Ayodeji-Ansell

Sancho Ayodeji-Ansell has been named as the #ESPFANottinghamshire student of the half-term by his tutor, Wayne Looker. Wayne has commended Sancho’s work ethic and punctuality in the last term and believes he is a role model for the rest of his class. He said: “Sancho has been fantastic this term, his attendance, work ethic and enthusiasm have been outstanding!! In the classroom he listens and tries his best to complete the work to the best of his abilities. Sancho is someone who the group look up to, both in class and on the pitch. His attendance and punctuality are both great and he will arrive at least 20 minutes early for training and lessons. In training and games Sancho is a standard setter, who has put in some excellent performances.”

#ESPFABuckinghamshire (with CHESHAM UNITED) – Charlie Greenwood

Well done to #ESPFABuckinghamshire first-year student Charlie Greenwood who has been named as the regions student of the half-term. Karl Scott, the #ESPFABuckinghamshire tutor has been pleased with the excellent standard of work that Charlie has been completing. He said: “Charlie has been a pleasure in lessons, he this term has pushed himself into the distinction grades in a regular basis and will always go the extra mile in and out of lesson time with his work. He has started to really kick on with his independent research and shows he clearly wants to do well in this course for his future.”

#ESPFASomerset (with FROME TOWN) – Sam Franklin

Congratulations to Sam Franklin who has been chosen as #ESPFASomerset student of the half-term. His tutor, George Swain has complemented Sam on the detail and thorough research he puts into his work. He said: “Sam has excelled in the recent research project unit, where he has taken ownership of his own learning and challenged himself. He put in lots of time researching journals to reference for his project; something that has positively influenced both the commitment levels and aspirations of the rest of the group.”

#ESPFAOxfordshire (with KIDLINGTON) – Chandra Limbu

#ESPFAOxfordshire student Chandra Limbu has been awarded the title of student of the half-term by his tutor, Redd Pratley. Redd has been impressed with his drive and determination to complete all his work to the best of his ability. Pratley said: “Chandra has led by example and maintained a very high standard this year in the classroom. He has demonstrated and excellent work ethic achieving a distinction in all his assignments. He has also displayed a brilliant attitude handing all of his work in before the deadline and keeping a perfect 100% attendance.”

#ESPFAWestMidlands (with RUSHALL OLYMPIC) – Louis Godfrey

Well done to #ESPFAWestMidlands student Louis Godfrey who has been names as the regions student of the half-term. His tutor, Lewis Moore has been impressed with Louis’s high standards that he sets himself. He said: “Louis has achieved distinction on each unit over the two academic years. Louis has never let his standards drop in both the academic and practical element of the course. Louis is polite, motivated and a pleasure to teach and has a great relationship with each student on the course, which is a credit to his personality, never complaining about anything that is asked of him.”

#ESPFASouthGloucestershire (with YATE TOWN) – Harvey Jasper

Congratulations to Harvey Jasper who has been named as #ESPFASouthGloucestershire pf the half-term. His tutor, George Swain complemented Harvey on the excellent grades he has achieved in the past half-term. He said: “Harvey has had an excellent term, achieving distinction grades throughout as a result of his hard work, persistence and desire to complete work to the best of his ability without rushing. Harvey has also developed his communication skills and impressed with his recent coaching sessions, where his creative ideas have inspired others within the group.”

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