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Well done to the following students who have been nominated by their tutor for their clubs ‘Student of the half-term’. The hard work of our students during the first term of the academic year has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.


Well done to Carlton Town first year student, Phelix Fountain who has been nominated for this award by his tutor, Megan Turner. She said: “he has kept up to date with his work, coming in early to get ahead so he doesn’t fall behind, his attendance and punctuality is great, and he has a good attitude towards learning. He’s a polite student who has created some great work so far and he’s a great member of the team.”


Chesham United student Abdul Zaman has been named as his sides ‘Student of the half-term’ by his tutor Ben Hayward. Hayward believes Zaman has started to aim for higher grades and always comes prepared and ready to learn. He said: “He is punctual and always ready to work. He meets deadlines and is focussed on his desire to avoid distractions and do well. His work quality is developing and it's good to see him aiming for the higher grades.”


Congratulations to Frome Town student Luke Ransome who has been put forward by his tutor, Sam Roberts as his sides ‘student of the half-term’. Ransome has had a brilliant term in the classroom and has strived for the best goals possible. He said: Since term 2 has started Luke has been very focused to achieve more and this term it has paid off. His attitude and behaviour towards work has been brilliant and he has pushed himself to do more. He has applied himself great in class and during online lesson, and when needed he has asked questions on how to achieve a higher grade. Great job Luke.”


Well done to Mikolaj Thompson of Kidlington, who has been awarded the ‘Student of the half-term’ by his tutor Redd Pratley. He has been very pleased with Mikolaj’s attitude towards his work and has excellent attendance. Pratley said: “Miki has shown a brilliant attitude towards classroom work this term, alongside having excellent attendance and punctuation percentages. He has demonstrated that he is able to adapt to both group work and independent research tasks, which have allowed him to collate information to use in his assignments and produce some excellent distinction level work.”


Rushall Olympic first year student, Cobie Hodgekiss has been named as his sides ‘Student of the half-term’ by his tutor, Lewis Moore, who has been impressed with Cobie’s application in both his practical and academic work. He said: “Cobie has applied himself well since the start of the course, always motivated to complete both his academic and practical work to his optimal standard possible. These effort levels are enabling Cobie to achieve distinction standard work for each assignment. Cobie is polite, punctual, a great team player and a pleasure to teach.”


Congratulations to Yate Town first year student, Flynn Rawlings who has been nominated for this award by his tutor, Sam Roberts. He believes Rawlings’ contribution in lessons and his desire to help others in the classroom has been exceptional this term. He said: “Flynn since term 2 has come into class and online lessons in a different manner; a positive attitude and focused mind. He has contributed well to both lessons and has pushed himself to achieve more this term than he did last term. Handing work in on time and also helping those around him to do more too. Great job Flynn.”

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