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With the first half-term of the academic year behind us, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try and spread some positivity by celebrating some of the ESPFA student’s success so far this year.

Mark Baker, Head of Education for the ESPFA has been so happy with the way the students have conducted themselves this first half term and was delighted that students would be getting recognised for their hard work. He said: “I am very pleased to announce the winners of our ‘Student of the half term’ awards, for the opening half term of the academic year.

This year has thrown up many challenges in relation to completion of coursework, in many cases taking the form of a hybrid model (face to face and online learning).”

He went on to say: “The very best students have met the differentiation head on, engaging throughout and displayed the motivation and commitment to achieve the very best grades their knowledge will afford them. I am delighted to be able to recognise these individuals today and press home the message for all students to strive to be the best they can be in the coming months.”

Regional manager for the south, Ross Langworthy thinks that the students have responded well to the new model of teaching on the programme, that sees first and second years split up for their education. Ross said: “Second Year students have been studying Sports Coaching, where roles, skills and techniques of coaches are learned before students plan and deliver their own coaching sessions.”

“First Year students have been studying on the new BTEC specification and have adapted well to the programme, whilst studying Coaching, Anatomy & Physiology and Health & Wellbeing. We continue to navigate the challenges this pandemic brings and can't wait to see the fixtures return in December.”

He continued: “Overall, it's been pleasing to see how well the majority of students have engaged with their new units and how hard they have worked since either joining the programme or returning from an extended period away from the classroom. The teachers have continued to provide an excellent education for our students and are committed to providing the students with the best possible opportunity to succeed and achieve.”


Congratulations to Chesham United first year student Joe Voss, who has been nominated by his tutor, Ben Hayward for the student of the half term award. Ben said: “Joe Voss has shown an enthusiasm to do well academically. He’s handed assignments and home tasks on time and shown a desire to push himself to do well.”


Frome Town second year student Cameron Jones has been named as his clubs student of the term after showing a great attitude in the classroom after initially struggling last year. His tutor, Leah Poole complimented his efforts in improving his work and his selfless approach to helping others as well. She said: “Cameron found the first year a real challenge academically both before lockdown and during remote learning. He has however, come back with a fantastic attitude. He has worked really hard on his first assignment, not only being the first student to finish but helping out other students during lessons and with their assignments, going for and achieving a higher grade than he was achieving last year and making a real effort to improve his handwriting. I am really proud of Cameron, his impressive dedication and motivation to succeed.”


Well done to Jack Williams of Kidlington who has been given the award of student of the half term. Kidlington’s tutor, Luke Brooks said: “Jack adds a good personality to the group which he combines well with excellent grades and a brilliant work ethic. He has also had great attendance so far this year shown excellent punctuality.”


Congratulations to Swindon Supermarine student Liam Pirie who has been named as his clubs’ student of the half term. Liam’s tutor, Sam Roberts has been pleased with the high standards he has set himself in the first half term. He said: “Liam Pirie has returned this year with clear ambition to achieve the highest possible grades. He has played a leading role in group discussions and takes great pride in his academic work.”


Yate Town first year student Liam Jones has been named as his side’s student of the half term by his tutor, Jamie Henderson. Jamie has been impressed with Liam’s excellent attitude towards learning in the first half term of the academic year and has also been excelling on the football pitch too. He said: “Liam has started the year fantastically well from an academic perspective, striving to achieve the best grade possible, demonstrating an exemplary attitude to learning, whilst he has also quickly integrated himself as a key member of the football team, scoring some vital goals in both the league and the FA Youth Cup.”

Well done to all the students nominated for their award. It is great to see just how well the students have coped with the challenges that have presented themselves at the start of this academic year so well done from everyone at the ESPFA.

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