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This Thursday marked the return of the second annual ESPFA Awards Show following the great success of last years show.

The awards show was aired live on YouTube on Thursday 1st July and brought in over 1000 views on the night.

Tutors and coaches from all the clubs within ESPFA’s three regional divisions (North, Midlands, South) nominated their student of the year along with their player of the year, recognising the student’s achievements both on the pitch and in the classroom.

The awards were split between Divisional Awards (North, Midlands, South) and National Awards. The Divisional Awards consisted of the Regional Division’s Team and Player of the Year along with the Golden Boot Winner of the Year. The National awards included the ESPFA National Team and Player of the Year as well as the National Golden Boot Winner of the Year and Goal of the Season.

After the success of the inaugural ESPFA Awards Show last year, we were keen to replicate the success of the previous show and improve on it. ESPFA ‘Head of Media’, Jack Cavill said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the tutors, coaches and management staff who have been fantastic in their response to the awards show. On top of this, they have supported and assisted the media team in our vision to create an unrivalled media experience for all ESPFA students and for that we can’t thank you enough.”

With restrictions having been eased throughout the country this year, the ESPFA media team were able to present all the deserved winners their awards in person and record an acceptance speech for these awards which was a huge bonus for the live show.

Overall, the show was another resounding success and was a fantastic way to celebrate all the students hard work and effort shown on and off the pitch. Congratulations to all students at the ESPFA on another brilliant year.


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