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  • Fixtures will be played for normal points, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

  • Teams will play each other once.

  • The top two from each group will progress to the semi finals.

Website Cup Group A.png
Website Cup Group B MW30.png
Group A MW12 21DEC24.png
Group A MW13 04JAN24.png
RESULTS Group A MW14 11JAN24.png
RESULTS Group B MW14 11JAN24.png
WEBSITE Group B MW17 01FEB24.png
Website Group A MW18 08FEB24.png
Website Group B MW18 08FEB24.png
WEBSITE Group A MW19 15FEB24.png
WEBSITE Group B MW19 15FEB24.png
Website Group A MW20 22FEB24.png
Website Group B MW20 22FEB24.png
WEBSITE Group A MW22 07MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group B 07MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group A 11MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group B 12MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group A 14MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group B 14MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group A 21MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group B 21MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group B 28MAR24.png
WEBSITE Group B 11APR24.png
WEBSITE Group A 18APR24.png
WEBSITE Group B 18APR24.png
RESULT Group A 22APR24.png
RESULT Group B 23APR24.png
RESULT Group B 25APR24.png
Website Group B 07MAY24.png
Cup Final 17MAY24.png
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