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As we enter the final months of the academic year, we will be gaining an insight into what our students are currently working on and how they have enjoyed the experience so far.

This half term we speak to first year ESPFA Derbyshire student Alfie Wagstaff-Pearce.

What have you learnt over the academic year so far?


I have learnt about current issues in sport from the Victorian Era and WW2 and the impact this had in the development of football. I have also gained knowledge about how football has evolved from when the sport was created, specifically how it has progressed from no rules (mob football) to having laws of the game, leagues and referees. I have also gained knowledge about anatomy and physiology, focusing on the muscles and joints in the body.


What have you enjoyed about the programme so far (for education and training)?


I enjoy doing the coursework as it’s relatively easy to understand due to the format and structure of the lessons. It’s clear with how the assignments are laid out which makes it easier to follow. The training sessions test me to develop each session and I have been able to improve my knowledge of the game. Since joining the course i have really improved, not just as a goalkeeper but as a player with all my technical skills improving which helps me play out from the back.


What skills/knowledge do you feel you have developed/gained that you can use in the future?


Practically, I have really excelled in organising my team on the pitch. My communication has developed because I have been forming relationships with my teammates in class which has transferred to when I play football as a Goalkeeper. I am now confident enough to help organise the team and feel more social in everything I do which will benefit me in the future. The variation of different drills help me work on different aspects of my game such as different techniques to get myself out of bad situations in games when I am under pressure. My communication is transferable in units such as Careers in Sport where I am applying for a job and will be able to communicate effectively in an interview.


What do you want to do/progress onto in the future?


I want to go on and complete my coaching badges and start to coach a team on a weekend, aiming to work my way up to coaching a youth professional team or non-league side. The coaching unit on the programme will give me the experience to help improve my coaching skills and ability. After this course I am also going to apply for university, to explore nutrition in sport as this is something that has gained my interest over the last year.

Thanks for your time Alfie and keep up the great work!

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