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Congratulations to the following midlands students who have been nominated by their tutor for the ‘student of the half term’. The hard work of our students during the previous six weeks has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Black)

"NIMROD HIDROM displays exceptional maturity in the classroom environment, always concentrating and asking questions to contribute to a positive learning environment. Nimrod demonstrates that he is capable of independent learning by completing or improving assignments when he is at home which will prepare him for life at university where I am confident he will excel. Nimrod should continue to maintain his high standards of work ethic and behaviour for his last six months on the programme to provide himself with better opportunities in the future. I have no doubt Nimrod will be successful as he is always striving to be the best version of himself."

- Rafael Alkiviades/Lewis Moore

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Yellow)

"CHARLIE PRICE strides in his academic journey are truly impressive. Through unwavering commitment and sheer determination, Charlie has transformed his approach to learning, showcasing remarkable growth. Charlie's consistent efforts have resulted in a substantial improvement in his work, marked by a notable refinement of skills and a deeper grasp of the subject matter. Charlie's eagerness to take on challenges, coupled with a receptive attitude toward feedback, has been instrumental in this advancement. Charlie's progress serves as a testament to his dedication and resilience, setting a shining example for his peers and affirming his position as a standout achiever in their academic endeavours."

- Sam Mason-Barton

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Borrowash Victoria)

"ALFIE WAGSTAFF-PEARCE's attitude and behaviour in every lesson is exemplary, acting as a role model for his peers. Alfie ensures to always challenge himself by attempting to achieve distinctions in each assignment. Alfie’s style of writing and detail continues to improve since the start of the academic year, never settling for anything less than a distinction. I am confident that Alfie will maintain his standards of quality and effort levels to achieve a distinction for the academic year. Well done Alfie!"

- Rafael Alkiviades/Lewis Moore


"JACOB GRIFFITHS-HARRISON has demonstrated remarkable growth in his academic journey. With consistent dedication and a thirst for knowledge, Jacob has embraced challenges, showing commendable improvement. Jacob's diligence is evident in the quality of work produced, showcasing enhanced skills and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Notably, his proactive approach to learning, coupled with a receptive attitude toward feedback, has fuelled this progress. Jacob's commitment to refining his abilities is commendable, reflecting a commendable work ethic."

- Sam Mason-Barton


“It will be no great surprise to the other leaners at Stafford Town that ARCHIE DAVIS has been nominated for student of the half term. He has continued to maintain an excellent attendance percentage, he is always early to his sessions, which is a great quality. All assignment work has been completed to a high standard achieving distinction grades and is always submitted on time or before deadlines. He shows a great work ethic and sets a great example to the other learners on the programme. Archie is working hard towards his progression to university, keep up the good work”.

- Mark Bushell

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic First Years)

"The first year student of the half term is VLADIMIR RAMIREZ GONZALEZ. Despite English being a second language he has achieved and maintained a fantastic level of work over this half term. He has has the confidence to ask for help from myself and others when needed which shows great maturity and desire to be the very best he can be."

- Dylan Wallace

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic Second Years)

"The second year student of the half term is GIOVANNI LWANDO. It is no secret that he is an exceptional student with unbelievable knowledge and understanding of all areas in sport. He has continued to maintain his exceptional standards and he really is a gift to the ESPFA and Rushall Olympic Football Club."

- Dylan Wallace

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