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Congratulations to the following midlands students who have been nominated by their tutor for the ‘student of the half term’. The hard work of our students during the previous six weeks has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Black)

"KACPER LIS is a pleasure to have at the ESPFA and is a role model for all other students on the programme. Kacper is punctual, always arriving first for lessons or training, displaying his willingness to learn and develop both academically and physically. Kacper is always concentrating and asking questions to contribute to a positive learning environment, challenging himself to complete work in different formats to improve the quality and overall grade. This was evident in the first assignment for current issues where Kacper has gone above and beyond to create an interactive presentation which keeps the audience engaged. Kacper should be proud of himself and continue to maintain his high standards of work ethic and behaviour for his last few months on the programme to provide himself with better opportunities in the future. I have no doubt Kacper will be successful as he is always striving to be the best version of himself."

- Lewis Moore

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Yellow)

"In the classroom, MALAKAI SQUIRES displays good behaviour and has become one of many role models in the classroom. What sets Malakai apart are his efforts to complete work and have a positive attitude in the classroom and also on the football pitch. I wish Malakai the best when he finishes the programme and I think if he continues with the standards, he has set for himself he will have a strong finish to the year.”

- Sam Mason-Barton

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Borrowash Victoria)

"JOSHUA HALL has demonstrated exceptional progress since the beginning of the academic year, now setting a high standard for both academic excellence and sporting achievement. He exemplifies a commitment to continuous improvement, consistently striving to excel, whether in the classroom or on the football pitch. Academically, Josh aims to achieve distinctions or merits on each assignment, reflecting his fantastic work ethic. He approaches every task with maximum effort, ensuring thorough preparation and attention to detail. Furthermore, Josh's proactive engagement in class discussions and willingness to challenge himself by supporting his work with references demonstrates that he is preparing for university in the future. Overall, Josh is a pleasure to have on the course and is putting himself in a position for success in the future.”

- Lewis Moore


"KIERAN JAMES is a model student in every sense. With impeccable behaviour, he sets a very high standard for himself in the classroom. Always getting his head down and completing work presented to him. He has been a role model for the first years on the programme, leading by example, showing respect, punctuality and dedication to not only the football but to the education too. I wish Kieran the best when he finishes the programme and hope he can maintain his standards until the end of the programme. Well done, Kieran!

- Sam Mason-Barton


LOUIS STRATTON has continued to maintain an excellent attendance and punctuality percentage on the programme. All assignment work has been completed to a high standard and is submitted on time. He shows a great work ethic and is working well towards his target grade to enable him to progress onto university. Louis is a pleasure to have on the programme.

- Mark Bushell

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic First Years)

"The first year student of the half term is HARRY BRADLEY. Harry has shown great effort at all times over the last six weeks. He gives great feedback in class and always approaches things positively. Well done Harry!"


- Dylan Wallace

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic Second Years)

MASON CATTELL has had a fantastic start to the second half of the year, he has really shown some grit and determination as well as some class to achieve the best possible grades he can with some fantastic pieces of work. Keep up the great work Mason.”

- Dylan Wallace

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