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Congratulations to the following midlands students who have been nominated by their tutor for the ‘student of the half term’. The hard work of our students during the previous six to seven weeks has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Black)

KACPER LIS is the first one to arrive in class and always tries his best. His behaviour is exemplary during the lessons and he is always engaged. His assignments are well organised and presented with various information from valid sources. Well done, Kacper!"

- Rafael Alkiviades

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Yellow)

THOMAS GATES has settled in well since joining the ESPFA programme at Belper. His commitment and enthusiasm throughout the entirety of the programme is faultless. He is the first in the classroom and the last out and is always willing to help in all aspects of the programme. His achievements in this first term serve as a testament to his ambition and potential for continued success throughout his academic journey. Well done!"

- Sam Mason-Barton

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Borrowash Victoria)

TOBIE GREENHOFF always wants to learn and be the best version of himself. Punctual, quiet but engaged in the lesson. He always has the right attitude suitable for a student at this level."

- Rafael Alkiviades


“In his very first term as a first year student on the ESPFA programme, TOMASZ BARTLINSKI has hit the ground running with incredible enthusiasm and determination. Tomasz has made connections with their fellow students and has showcased his exceptional academic and organisational skills. It is clear that Tomasz' first term is only the beginning of an exciting journey filled with accomplishments, setting a promising tone for the rest of their ESPFA journey. Well done!"

- Sam Mason-Barton


THEO MICHAELA has been great in the classroom during his first term, he is an enthusiastic learner who is enjoying the ESPFA programme. He has completed assignments before deadlines, producing a good standard of work. Theo is a friendly & likeable learner who has been a pleasure to teach so far, keep up the good work.”

- Mark Bushell

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic 1st Years)

JAMIE ROBERTS has taken to the course like a duck to water, really putting his all into his work! Asking all the right questions to ensure that he is maximising his work potential! Also going out of his way to help others around him get to grips with systems and work tasks. A great student and a credit to the Rushall first year cohort!"

- Dylan Wallace

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic 2nd Years)

“The Year two student of the half term is MATTAEUS MORGAN, he has produced some fantastic work! Showed great levels of attention and focus on lessons and has started the year with a bang!

- Dylan Wallace

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