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Congratulations to the following northern students who have been nominated by their tutor for the ‘student of the half term’. The hard work of our students during the previous six weeks has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.

ESPFA LANCASHIRE (Skelmersdale United)

"RYCE ALEXANDER has shown excellent work rate within the classroom, recently improving his grades from merit to distinction, and achieving these grades consistently. He works well within the deadlines set and is always keen to challenge himself further with his writing skills."

- Kierran Kinsella


"Since the start of the year ASHTON GAWTHORPE has been giving college his all in every lesson. Ashton has taken on a real leadership role within the classroom/group this year and is eager for everyone to do well. Ashton has started achieving higher grades and this is due to the consistent effort that he gives when in lessons and has made real improves on last year.  Well done and keep up the good work!!"

- Charlie Harvey


"BRIGHTON MUKONKOTA has been an exceptional student all term. He has an outstanding attendance and punctuality record and has not missed one lesson. His work ethic is excellent and he always puts 100% effort into his assignments. He is polite and well-respected by his fellow students. Keep up the good work Brighton."

- Laura Moss

ESPFA CHESHIRE (Runcorn Linnets)

"JAYDEN BOARDMAN has kept up a 100% attendance and punctuality record since September. Applying himself well in the classroom to achieve distinction grades with every assignment he has submitted so far. Jayden has an excellent attitude towards his studies and should look to keep this up for the remainder of his time at college."

- Kierran Kinsella


"CAIDEN TAYLOR has had an excellent start to his first year on the course and applies himself brilliantly. Caiden gives his all in every lesson and wants to achieve the best grades possible. Since the start of the year Caiden has handed all assignments in on time and has been working at a merit/distinction level on them all. Caiden should be pleased with the start that he has had and hopefully this continues. Well done and keep up the good work!"

- Charlie Harvey

ESPFA CHESHIRE (Witton Albion)

"BEN FELLOWS has worked hard in sessions during term two and has settled onto the programme well. He is an enthusiastic learner who enjoys his course and always asks questions around his units. He meets his deadlines and is producing a good standard of work, this is due to his commitment to the programme. Ben is a likeable member of the group and it has been a pleasure to teach him so far, keep up the good work after the Christmas break.”

- Mark Bushell

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