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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

As the ESPFA 2021/22 campaign has come to an end, second year students now have the exciting prospect of progressing onto further opportunities to continue developing in their football and education. 99 second-year students completed their time on the course this summer and came away with their BTEC level three qualifications. Two students are going on to the extremely exciting opportunity to study at a university in the US on a football scholarship.

#ESPFABuckinghamshire student, Dan Hosier will undertaking a fantastic journey to carry on his studies at Oklahoma Christian University. They are an NCAA Division 2 school and Dan can’t wait to get started. He said: “I am most looking forward to the environment I will be in, it is very competitive and professional both academically and in football. This will enable me to push myself in an ideal environment around other people who want to achieve the same things as me.”

Dan joined the ESPFA initially to try and make waves with the Chesham United first team and continue developing in his football whilst also gaining qualifications. “I joined the ESPFA based on the connection to the first team at Chesham which in my case worked out. As well as this being able to play whilst completing my education was a big factor too. My favourite part was probably the fact that you were able to play and study with your mates. You could grow both on and off the pitch with people you enjoy being around which helped building a positive environment.”

Before joining the ESPFA Dan had never considered going to an American university as a possibility, and the workshops put on by the ESPFA alongside FirstPoint USA opened his eyes to the prospect. He said: “It’s not something I really considered before joining the ESPFA. The talks with FirstPoint USA made me consider the option of a scholarship for the first time” Dan feels like the continuation of studying whilst carrying on with his football is something that will really benefit him. “With scholarships I feel it enables you to get best of both worlds, top quality football and top-quality education and getting a degree. Also, just the experience of being in a different country especially the states is something that you can’t pass up on.”

From everyone at the ESPFA, we are extremely proud of the students that have recently finished their two years on the programme with us and we wish all of those that will be attending university in September the best of luck.

We would also like to wish the following students the best of luck for the future who have indicated they wish to attend an American University:

Reece Jones - #ESPFACheshire

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