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#ProgressionWeek – Colby Mcquillan

The NPL Football Academy (NPLFA) is delighted to announce that Warrington Town student Colby Mcquillan is progressing onto university to study Business Sports.

Colby joined the programme in 2015 at his local club Warrington Town and achieved impressive grades in the Diploma over the last two years which has enabled him to enrol on at University.

“I will be attending Salford University which is one of the best Universities to study Business Sports and it is close to home, taking a three year Business Sports degree with the aim to go into the financial side of sport in the future”

Success on the pitch, followed success in the classroom as Colby was part of a historic first NPLFA Cup win over Matlock Town at the Bet365 Stadium and has enjoyed his time on the programme.

“My best experience on the pitch was playing in the NPLFA Cup final. I got injured in training the week before the final and felt like I was about to miss the event after working really hard all season, but I went to certain places to help the recovery process and still ended up playing through my injury.”

It has been a pleasure having Colby on the programme over the last two years and he too has enjoyed every minute of it.

“It was a great experience for me, i would recommend the NPL Football Academy to all school leavers”

Everyone at the NPLFA would like to wish Colby the very best of luck at Salford University and we look forward to catching up with him on his first year of university in 2018.

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