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As we enter the final weeks of the academic year, we will be gaining an insight into what our students are currently working on and how they have enjoyed the experience so far.

This half term we speak to first year ESPFA Derbyshire student Josh Hall.

What have you leant over the academic year so far?

Over the past academic year, I have learnt about the different paths I can progress onto as a result of the different units that we complete throughout the year which allows me to see what I find enjoyable. I have gained knowledge on anatomy and physiology focusing on energy systems, sports coaching and how to apply business into the sporting sector.


What have you enjoyed about the programme (for education and training)?

I have enjoyed the lessons because I think they have been helpful and focuses on information that is useful for the assignments. The lessons let me understand how to structure assignments and paragraphs to help me achieve a distinction. Other things I have enjoyed is the experience, travelling across areas of the UK playing different teams, the opportunities such as qualifications/scholarships and the social side with the team each day in training and the classroom. I like all elements of the programme.


What skills/knowledge do you feel you have developed/gained that you can use in the future?

I have been able to improve my communication, punctuality as well as confidence thanks to the programme. This will help me in the future as these skills are prominent and make me the best candidate to be employed in the future. For example, being more confident to speak in front of large groups of people and understanding how to perform in an interview as we did mock interviews in one of the units.


What do you want to do/progress onto in the future?

If I am unable to be accepted to scholarships, I will attend university and find myself a career within sports such as a physio, coaching or playing at a decent level. My dream job is to either play or to be around high-level football as my passion is within football and to be around it is what feels right. Completing my coaching badges or going on a university course which allows me to progress onto a coaching or a teaching degree would be a sensible choice.  

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