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Congratulations to the following midlands students who have been nominated by their tutor for the ‘student of the half term’. The hard work of our students during the previous six weeks has been noted and we are immensely proud of everything they have achieved so far this year.

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Black)

"The second-year student of the half term is EZEKIEL APPIAH. He has managed to maintain his fantastic attendance and punctuality percentage throughout the term. He has continued to demonstrate a willingness to complete assignments to a high standard and always asks how he can improve, whilst submitting all assignments in a timely manner. I enjoy having Ezekiel on the programme as he is a pleasure to teach. I hope he can maintain his high standards to achieve the best grade possible so he can go on to do great things after the course."

- Sam Kelly

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Belper Town Yellow)

"THEO PATRICK is attentive and participates actively in class discussions. He demonstrates good understanding of the topics covered and completes his assignments on time. While occasionally quiet, Theo has shown willingness to ask questions for clarification. With continued engagement, he can further excel academically. Well done so far Theo, keep pushing until the end of the year!!

- Sam Mason-Barton

ESPFA DERBYSHIRE (Borrowash Victoria)

"In the classroom, TOBIE GREENHOFF is an exemplary student. He is always the first one in the classroom and the last to leave. His attendance and punctuality is exceptional and he has consistently proven this throughout the year. Tobie is a well-behaved, mature student and always gets involved with class discussions to demonstrate the knowledge he has learned. Furthermore, he is constantly striving to improve his assignments to ensure he achieves the top grade which is a credit to him. Keep up the good work Tobie."

- Sam Kelly


"BEN SHEARMAN-DOYLE has displayed a positive attitude, contributing to a good classroom atmosphere. Ben's efforts in the classroom have shown he has made good progress in his work. Overall, Ben has developed well throughout his first year on the programme and I hope he continues this going forward. Well done!!

- Sam Mason-Barton


CALLUM HARVEY-GREATHOLDER has continued to maintain good attendance and punctuality percentages on the programme. He completes a good standard of work within his assignments and submits them before the deadline. He will achieve his target grade for the first year of his qualification if he continues to work as he has been so far throughout the academic year. Callum is a pleasure to have on the programme, keep up the good work!"

- Mark Bushell

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic First Years)

"The first year student of the half term is JOSHUA RIVERA. He has completed all work to the highest possible level, and he puts nothing but 100% into all he does. He also finds the time to help and guide those around him which allows others around him to flourish as well."


- Dylan Wallace

ESPFA WEST MIDLANDS (Rushall Olympic Second Years)

“The second year student of the half term is GIOVANNI LWANDO. Once again Gio has shown his levels of ability consistently throughout his time with us and he continues to do so with ease. he is an absolute pleasure to teach.

- Dylan Wallace

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