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With the first half-term of the academic year behind us, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try and spread some positivity by celebrating some of the ESPFA student’s success so far this year

Mark Baker, Head of Education for the ESPFA has been so happy with the way the students have conducted themselves this first half term and was delighted that students would be getting recognised for their hard work. He said: “I am very pleased to announce the winners of our ‘Student of the half term’ awards, for the opening half term of the academic year.

This year has thrown up many challenges in relation to completion of coursework, in many cases taking the form of a hybrid model (face to face and online learning).”

He went on to say: “The very best students have met the differentiation head on, engaging throughout and displayed the motivation and commitment to achieve the very best grades their knowledge will afford them. I am delighted to be able to recognise these individuals today and press home the message for all students to strive to be the best they can be in the coming months.”

Regional manager for the midlands, Max Connor said: “After speaking with both the tutors and coaches through this term, our students have been enthusiastic and motivated to learn, which in these current circumstances it has been fantastic. Attendance levels and punctuality across the board has been exemplary and within the classroom students have been a joy to teach. Tutors have told us the students have been highly engaged within lessons and are always asking questions about content being taught.”

He continued: “In these strange times, I could imagine it being hard to motivate yourself as a student, but from all accounts, students have excelled and excelled expectations from both their tutors, coaches and myself. We are looking forward to the academic/season ahead.”

The following students have been chosen by their tutors as the student of the half-term for their clubs. Congratulations for all those nominated and keep up the hard work in the classroom and on the football pitch.


Well done to Belper Town second year student Thomas Baker, who was named as the student of the half-term by his tutor Tom Anderson. Not only has Thomas been working hard on the training pitch but also in the classroom. Tom Anderson said: “Tom is one of my 2nd year students and is currently excelling in all of his coursework and in football. He has yet to miss a session and always gives 110% while training, in fixtures and in is coursework. He also likes to have a laugh as well and is a great character to have in the class.”


Carlton Student Reece Thorpe has been named as their student of the half-term for his excellent work during the lockdown period. His Tutor, Megan Turner said: “I nominate Reece Thorpe as Student of the year so far. This is down to during lockdown he has put as much effort into sessions as possible and is coming out with very high standard work. He has done well to try and improve his attendance and punctuality and is growing into a great student!”


Congratulations to Emilio De Abreu of Mickleover who was named as their student of the half-term. His tutor, Ben Cocker said: “Emilio has made an excellent transition into further education. Since the start of this academic year, he has shown excellent understanding of the key topics we have studied. He is a very intuitive individual and has shown excellent capabilities within his written work and assignment submissions so far in Units C1, B and 5. Emilio is a very polite student and has been a role model to others in his approach to both his education and physical development within training sessions. Keep it up Emilio!”


Well done to Rushall Olympic first year student Joe Talbot who was nominated by his tutor, Mark Muddyman as the student of the half term. Joe was selected for always being engaged and contributing well during lessons. Mark Muddyman said: “My nominee is Joe Talbot. Joe has been outstanding throughout all 3x first year units so far this term. Joe listens, engages, ask questions and takes time to ensure the work he submits is of the highest quality.”


Joe Addison of Stafford Rangers has been named the student of the half term for his club. He has had a brilliant start to the year in the classroom and on football pitch, having been named in Team of the Week for #MatchweekOne and now being awarded the student of the half term. His tutor, Luca Giagu said: “Joe has demonstrated excellent commitment and dedication with 100& attendance in both terms so far and on route to achieve Distinction in all assignments to date. Joe also actively engages in all lessons and shares his knowledge with others as well as achieved Team of the week in his first game for the academy.”

Well done to all the students nominated for their award. It is great to see just how well the students have coped with the challenges that have presented themselves at the start of this academic year so well done from everyone at the ESPFA.

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