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With another excellent year on the ESPFA programme wrapped up, we would like to acknowledge some of the fantastic opportunities that our graduates are progressing onto. 99 second-year students completed their time on the course this summer and came away with their BTEC level three qualifications. 42 of those will be continuing their studies and progressing onto a higher education institution. We caught up with some of the some of those students that are progressing on to University in the UK.

First up was #ESPFAWestYorkshire student Elliot Haigh. After an excellent two years on the programme where he represented Brighouse Town, he will be progressing onto Huddersfield University to study Sports and Physical Education. Elliot chose to continue his studies as he aspires to make a career in sport. He said: “I want to study at Huddersfield because it is a great university which is known for its sporting courses and has great facilities and connections to help me find future careers in sport. I’m mainly looking forward to continuing my sports studies at university and pushing myself into better career plans.” Elliot enjoyed his time at the ESPFA as it allowed him to develop both in the classroom and on the football pitch, as well as expanding his horizons after completing the course. “I would recommend students to join the ESPFA as it’s a good way to get a college qualification whilst developing football skills and understanding whilst making a strong connection with teammates. My coach and tutor always supported me if I needed any help on or off the pitch which has helped me a lot over the past two years.”

Another #ESPFAWestYorkshire student who will be continuing his academic journey is Ossett United academy captain, Jack Hepworth. He will be studying Sports Development and Coaching at York St John after gaining a Level Three BTEC qualification in Sport at the ESPFA. Jack felt this gave him a base knowledge of the subject to then study a degree in the subject. He said: “After the course I felt in good stead to go to university, and I want to keep learning and hopefully make a good career out of my degree. I think all the units I learnt at the ESPFA are relevant to my course because I can use pieces of information I learnt at college to help me and support my work.” Before joining the programme, Jack wasn’t sure whether going to university was a realistic possibility, but the help and guidance he received at the ESPFA paved the way for him. “Before my time on the course I never thought I would go to university because my GCSE grades weren’t great however I really excelled on the course and after my first year my mind was already made up. My Tutor was extremely supportive and was always willing to provide his help and guidance. The ESPFA also sent out helpful samples and dos and don’ts which I considered.”

#ESPFAWestMidlands student, Lucas Buckley is also building on his studies at the ESPFA and broadening his horizons through studying a degree in Osteopathy. “Now I’ve finished my time with the ESPFA, I will be studying Osteopathic Medicine with an Integrated masters at Plymouth Marjon University. I am looking forward to becoming more independent living away from home and meeting new people, but I am also excited to start my studies and progress towards a career in Osteopathy for the future.” Said Lucas.Lucas has always aspired to have a career in sport, but he believes that his time at the ESPFA helped pinpoint what he wanted to progress with. “I think any college or sixth form has the ability to offer you the opportunity to go and study at university, although in my circumstance it has been as a direct impact of the ESPFA and the units offered like Jobs in sport that allowed me to recognise what I want to do as a career and as a result I have a clear plan and set of goals for the next five years. Some of the units I particularly enjoyed on the course was Anatomy and physiology, Nutrition, Sporting Injuries and Health and Wellbeing, all of which provide me with good foundational knowledge relevant to the course I’ll be studying in September.”

From everyone at the ESPFA, we are extremely proud of the students that have recently finished their two years on the programme with us and we wish all of those that will be attending university in September the best of luck.

We would also like to wish the following students the best of luck for the future who have indicated they wish to attend the following universities:

Ethan Donkerlsey (#ESPFAWestYorkshire) – Huddersfield University

Eliel Zouogbo (#ESPFAWestYorkshire) – Manchester University

Alfie Osbourne (#ESPFABuckinghamshire) – Bournemouth University

Harrison Cooper (#ESPFAWestYorkshire) – York St John

Lucas Wilson (#ESPFACheshire) – Nottingham University

Glodis Pedro (#ESPFAWestMidlands) – Coventry University

Dylan Venn (#ESPFASouthGloucestershire) – Cardiff Metropolitan

Elliot Haigh (#ESPFAWestYorkshire) – Huddersfield University

Hammad Arif (#ESPFANottinghamshire) - Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy

Joe Voss (#ESPFABuckinghamshire) – Cardiff University

Madison Wilkin (#ESPFABuckinghamshire) – Bournemouth University

Chandra Limbu (#ESPFAOxfordshire) – Oxford Brookes

Lucas Buckley (#ESPFAWestMidlands) – Playmouth Marjon University

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