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Now that the ESPFA students are settling into remote learning for this new term, let’s celebrate some of the student’s success from the previous term. In a year of overcoming challenges and where the students have had to be flexible in the way they study, we are so pleased with the way that all the ESPFA students have knuckled down and shown an aptitude for learning despite all the distractions in the current climate.

Ross Langworthy, the regional manager for the south is very pleased to see so many students excelling in their work despite the constant challenges that the past few months have presented. He said: “Congratulations to all students that have been nominated as ‘Student of the Half-term’ at their respective clubs, there are a lot of very hard working and ambitious students across our programme and it's great to be able to recognise just some of these.”

He continued: “November and December saw our programme face the challenge of the second National Lockdown and postponement of a month's worth of fixtures. Despite this, students continued to attend their Classroom sessions and make progress with their coursework and our teachers, coaches and management staff have continued to navigate everything thrown their way to support our students.

This year has been unprecedented in many ways and it's great to see students and staff across our National programme rising to these challenges and continuing to succeed."


Chesham United first-year student Madison Wilkin has been named as his side’s student of the half-term by his tutor, Ben Hayward. Ben has been impressed with Madisons dedication to attaining the top grades possible and always meeting deadlines. He said: “Madison Wilkin has consistently met deadlines and worked well when we were in class. He works hard to grasp key points in topics and is using this understanding to meet the top grades.”


Congratulations to Frome Town student Steven Johnson who has been named as his clubs’ student of the half-term. Steven’s tutor, Leah Poole has been pleased with his efforts to help others in class and always handing in his assignments promptly and to a high standard. She said: “He worked really hard in lessons, always happy to help his fellow students. Steven is usually one of the first to complete his assignments to a very good standard. Keep up the hard work Steven!”


Well done to Alex Neale of Kidlington who was nominated for this award by Ross Langworthy, the area manager for the south. Ross said: “Alex has consistently displayed a high work ethic throughout his First and Second year on the programme and is an excellent role model to students at Kidlington and across the programme. He has been unfortunate with periods of self-isolation but has remained on top of his work and has continued to achieve high grades in challenging circumstances. Alex has been proactive and ambitious in applying for University and sets a fantastic example to his fellow pupils.”


Swindon Supermarine second-year student Connor Harry has been named as his clubs’ student of the half-term after working to a very high standard over the past term. His tutor, Sam Roberts said: “Connor has worked exceptionally well over this term meeting distinction grades and pushing himself above and beyond to get in front of the game. Well done Connor.”


Congratulations to Yate Town second-year student Noah Long who was nominated for this award by Ross Langworthy, the regional manager for the south. Ross has been impressed with Noah’s contribution both in the classroom and on the football pitch. He said: “Noah has achieved 100% attendance across November and December for both BTEC and Maths lessons, and has a 100% punctuality level too, which sets an excellent example to his fellow students. Noah works hard in the classroom, completing all tasks that he is set and is very respectful to teaching and coaching staff. On the pitch, Noah has continued to develop over his year and a half on the programme and has experienced some First Team training at Yate, which is well deserved due to his hard-working attitude.”

Well done to all the students nominated for their award. It is great to see just how well the students have coped with the challenges that have presented themselves this academic year so well done from everyone at the ESPFA.

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